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I majored in chemistry and minored in math.

Where are you from?

Marysville, Ohio. I live there now. 

3 words to describe yourself?

I am dedicated, a learner and independent.

What is the most interesting thing about you?

I was born in Germany.

How did you find Hiram?

Hiram was on a premed list in a college book I found in my high school counselor’s office.

What clubs were you involved in?

A lot. I was in Delta Chi Lambda, Student Ambassadors, was in the chemistry club and I took a study abroad class in Tanzania about economics.

You’re favorite Hiram traditions?

I liked spring fest and studying in hidden places around campus. There was a small room in the library, the science buildings and I liked the swings in the library garden.

Favorite professor?

It’s hard to choose just one but many of my most valuable lessons and memories are with many thanks to Dr. Moss, Dr. Andrews, Dee West, and Jen Schuller.  Every professor left a valuable imprint on my soul and helped mold who I am today.  With many years passed I have forgotten everyone’s name but I know I wouldn’t be who I am without recognizing all staff/faculty as a whole.

What is your favorite location on campus?

The third floor of Gerstacker to study, it was the best place to get away and be all alone.

What is your favorite Hiram memory?

Moving in every year because it was fun to see everyone again, everyone was always in a good mood coming back.

What is the most important thing that you learned from Hiram?

Communication. It was a big part of every class because I often had to work in teams, as a group and was very involved on campus. You needed to talk to and communicate with your professors as well to be able to learn.

Do you feel that Hiram prepared you for your future?

For sure.

What is your current employment? Retired? What are you doing now?

I went to Sam Houston State University in Huntsville Texas (I lived in El Paso, Texas as a kid) for a master’s in forensic science. After that, I moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to work in ACL laboratories at the Aurora West Allis Medical Center as a Forensic Toxicology Technician from 2009-2013. Now I have worked as a forensic toxicologist at the Franklin County Coroner’s office Columbus for the past five years.

What do you enjoy in your spare time?

Nothing really. We live on a farm so we do a lot of country stuff like taking walks, going to yard sales, I hang out with my husband, we have two dogs and other animals, we fish, take walks around our pond and ride our gator. It is mostly family time: I take care of the new born baby, she is three weeks old. I don’t have hobbies but I guess I might be a plant person. I have lots of house plants and two months out of the year I enjoy planting our flower beds, mowing the grass and more.

What brought you back to Hiram and why the Alumni Executive Board (AEB)?

This will be my second term on the Alumni Executive Board (AEB) so it is my fourth year. I have always liked what the AEB stands for so I got involved on campus; I wanted to do more than my work and spending my time at home. I want to give back to Hiram as much as I can and better it. I feel that our opinions in AEB are valued; people listen to and care about the alumni’s suggestions even though they might not always be realistic. The members of the Alumni Office come to listen in and have discussions with us which is very respectful to us all. It is a very rewarding experience.  

Anything else you would like to share?

I want to make sure I value what I have received from Hiram. I am where and who I am today because of my experiences at Hiram. I want people who may read this online (prospective students) to realize that at Hiram, it is more than an education. It is a great place to blossom and to grow as a person. Not every single day was beautiful of course, but I never would have left if I didn’t have to graduate. I enjoy returning, it is like a second home.

When I first came to Hiram, people would always ask me where it was and on campus, the nearest grocery was so far away but soon I realized how we have our own little world in this one block radius. You get used to it and find that it is all you needed and the rest does not matter.




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