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Graduation Date



Political science and pre-law.

Where are you from?

Ravenna, Ohio.

Where do you currently live?

Kent, in the Twin Lakes area.

3 words to describe yourself?

Friendly, thoughtful and funny.

What is the most interesting thing about you?

My son and I go to yearly board game conventions.

How did you find Hiram?

I came to take a test for an academic competition that was actually held inside of Colton. I had heard of Hiram but I never realized how close it was to my home. Only thirty minutes away, Hiram was on my radar when I began to look for colleges.

What clubs were you involved in?

I was in the Residents Hall Association, I went to Chicago with the Fine Arts Society, I was a tour guide and in quite a bit of everything.

Your favorite Hiram traditions?

I liked campus days. They were so unique and special yet, different. I had a weird pride for Hiram when I explained this event to anyone; it is a taste of our campus and what we do here. I was usually busy with the senate or RA duties so I never did any of the cool volunteer projects but I stuck nearby and did the ones around here.

Favorite professor?

Professor John Andrews. He passed away a few years ago but he taught classics and history classes at Hiram; he was very kind. Another favorite of mine is the adjunct professor, John Stack. Hiram received a grant to bring in more political science teachers to teach different public policy classes and more. Professor Stack was absolutely wonderful and the students just gravitated towards him. He was in his office at all hours so you could always swing by to talk to him. Even as late as 9 or 10 pm at night he would be there reading or something. He loved talking to people and it was so different because he was diametrically opposed to the political feelings on campus because he was a conservative catholic so he challenged people but was respectful about it, this created so many wonderful discussions. He taught for two years here even though he was not your traditional Hiram professor and didn’t fit the mold as a traditional Catholic but he made it such an interesting experience. He took an interest in everyone and this was in the late 90s when students were beginning to dye their hair crazy colors for the first time He made it so interesting and he really is one of my favorites.

What is your favorite location on campus?

I loved the Kennedy Center. Walking out of the Kennedy Center in middle of the night into a snowstorm (after working in the computer lab) was always a special feeling. The special events, meetings, and parties held there all meant so much to me.

What is your favorite Hiram memory?

I met my future wife on the first day of freshman year in the Miller Dining Hall.

What is the most important thing that you learned from Hiram?

Community. It was not just participation but it was about doing the right thing when no one was looking. Picking up the trash, holding doors open for people all created a feeling and sense of respect for the others around you. It created a sense of belonging in the world.

Do you feel that Hiram prepared you for your future?

Without a doubt, the acting Dean of Students, Hugh McManamon, inspired me to realize I wanted to go into higher education. As a student, I was an RA and I was even on the hiring committee for Liz Okuma when she first came to Hiram. All of these experiences led me to look for a job in higher education and to start working as an admissions counselor for four years at Mount Union.

What is your current employment? Retired? What are you doing now?

After Mount Union, I received my master’s of science and management in ’05 at Indiana

Wesleyan University and then was asked to return to Hiram to work from ’04 to ’12 as an admissions counselor, an assistant director and as an associate director. I currently work as a coordinator at Kent State University since 2012.

What do you enjoy in your spare time?

I spend lots of time with my family, my wife and I have been together for twenty-two years, married for seventeen and have two children. We are all pretty close, we do everything together from going to the beach and playing board games. Board games are a number one passion, something that I do outside of work and normal family activities.

What brought you back to Hiram and why the Alumni Executive Board (AEB)?

I am the secretary of AEB and started in 2012 after I left Hiram to work at Kent State. The sense of community and stewardship drew me in and I wanted to continue doing something to help Hiram. I have enjoyed the opportunities here to meet multi-generational alumni that I would not have met  otherwise. I am also so glad to have not only met but work with Jeff Fram and Seku.

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