Carl A. Draucker '73
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Carl Draucker certainly qualifies as a person willing to devote countless time and efforts to serve Hiram's alumni.  Carl currently serves as secretary on the Board of Trustees and as a member of the Nursing Advisory Council.

After graduating from Hiram, he attended Ohio Northern where he earned his law degree.  He is a partner at Squire, Sanders, and Dempsey, LLC, and despite how busy his job keeps him, Carl has managed to dedicate significant amounts of time to the College, reviewing and advising us on legal matters for years.  

This past fall, the development office did not have a planned giving director, but Carl stepped up accompanying our staff on multiple occasions to explain to donors the legalities of various gifts they were considering. Then Carl went the extra mile and drew up the actual documents, a time-consuming task that many in his position would consider beneath them. It isn't so much Carl's consummate legal expertise that stands out in these visits with alumni that makes his service so valuable, but rather it was his passion for Hiram.

Carl was always willing to share his story of growing up on a farm and how Hiram College changed his life.  Because of his dedication to Hiram and to this process, he helped us receive several gifts which might not have otherwise come our way.

He attends a mutitude of events, is involved in his reunions, connects classmates back to campus, and even spent a number of years serving on the Alumni Executive Board in the mid-90's. He has also been invaluable in assisting Hiram presidents and administrations (past and present) in so many ways.

In addition to giving back in time and expertise, Carl makes it a point to support Hiram financially.  Carl very generously supports our annual fund year after year and because of his involvement in our upcoming endowment initiative, he wanted to set an example for his peers by being among the first to make a gift of endowment.  Thanks to Carl, nursing students will benefit from a scholarship as a result.

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