John Lauder

Over the course of a thirty-five year career in public service, John has become an internationally recognized authority on issues related to arms control, weapons of mass destruction, and homeland security.

John graduated summa cum laude from Hiram in 1968 with a degree in history. He then attended Yale and earned a master’s degree in international relations. After serving in the U.S. Army and as a Congressional staff member, John joined the Central Intelligence Agency in the early 1970s where he began to develop expertise in the areas of military analysis and Near Eastern, South Asian, and European affairs.

John progressed up the ranks of the CIA, and in the late 1980s became a senior adviser to several United States arms control delegations in Vienna Austria , eventually returning to Washington to become Chief of the interagency Arms Control Intelligence Staff. In that position, he worked closely with executive departments, the U.S. Congress,  and international delegations to design and negotiate verification provisions for such international agreements as the Chemical Weapons Convention, the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty, and the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty. For his contributions toward these agreements and in transforming the international intelligence community’s approach to arms control and non-proliferation, he was awarded the Distinguished Intelligence Medal.

In 1997, John was named Director of Central Intelligence Non-proliferation Center. In this new position, John was instrumental in developing initiatives with Russia, China, and other countries. He played a leading role in restructuring how the U.S. intelligence community collects and assesses data concerning biological weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. John became the principal spokesperson for the Director of Central Intelligence regarding weapons of mass destruction, was frequently invited to appear before Congress, and was cited regularly by the public media on the issue of WMDs.

John became the deputy director, national support, for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), which is responsible for developing and operating the nation’s reconnaissance satellites which support military operations, diplomacy, and civilian agencies. Through John’s work, the NRO developed new sources of intelligence and created a road-map to improve information sharing among U.S. intelligence agencies and policy-making organizations. His work to establish ties between the NRO and the homeland security community added to the ability of civil agencies to, years later, use data from space systems in their response to Hurricane Katrina and other disasters.

In 2004, John retired from a distinguished and commendable career as a leading member of the U.S. intelligence community. For his service, he was awarded the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, NRO Gold Medal, and DCI’s Director’s Award.

Today, John is a senior fellow with Areté Associates, a growing advanced science and engineering company that provides innovative and integrated solutions to the most challenging national security problems faced by the United States. He continues as an active participant and leader of advisory panels to several government and private sector programs, including those focused on improving intelligence. John and his wife, Susan, have three children and currently reside in Virginia.

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