Ralph T. Warburton '30
A practicing physician for more than 60 years, Dr. Ralph T. Warburton is a graduate from Hiram College. Ralph majored in Biology and Chemistry while at Hiram and after graduation he went on to receive his M.D. from the Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland. With his wife Esther, he began his practice in a second-floor office in North Canton - a practice that grew to become the North Canton Medical Foundation.

Having both lived in the same small town, Esther and Ralph shared the same values. They grew up during a time when people really talked and listened to each other. They were genuinely interested in the lives of their friends and neighbors. This concern would have a profound effect on the way Dr. Warburton cared for his patients. Each patient was special. Dr. Warburton has always been available for his patients. Many times he was at the hospital when his patient was admitted. He would contact the best-qualified physicians in the country if he thought it necessary for his patients' care. It was his practice to call his patients at home to see how they were doing. Many of his patients had his home phone number and they knew they could reach him if needed.

Early in his practice, Dr. Warburton established evening office hours. He visited nursing homes and made house calls right up to his retirement in 1996. Hundreds of his beloved patients honored him and his work at his retirement reception.

Since his retirement, Dr. Warburton still visits with former patients and colleagues, and continues to keep abreast of the work at the North Canton Medical Foundation. After Esther's death in 1992, Ralph and son, Phil decided to establish the Foundation in Esther's memory, reflecting the qualities that she brought to her profession and to every other aspect of her life. That goal was reached in 1999 with the establishment of the Esther Lewis Warburton Foundation.

Dr. Warburton has made Hiram College more than proud with all the success he has earned and his support to the College. It is an honor to present Dr. Ralph Warburton with Hiram College's 1991 Alumni Achievement Award.

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