Galapagos 2013
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Natural History of the Galapagos Islands with
Biology Professors Prudy Hall and Matt Hils
A Trip to the Galapagos Islands for Alumni & Friends
July 18 - 31, 2013

Galapagos Islands – The islands that influenced Charles Darwin in 1835 and have influenced the study of biology and natural history since then. The islands are located 1000 km West of Ecuador on the Equator, home to plants and animals found nowhere else in the World – Marine Iguanas, Flightless Cormorants, Giant Tortoises, Swallow-tailed Gulls, Lava Gulls, Galapagos Penguins, Darwin's Finches, Lava Cactus, and more.

Sail the seas in a luxury yacht with other Hiram College Alumni and Friends as you experience one of the most amazing places known to man with Hiram Biology Professors Prudy Hall and Matt Hils.

Features of this Trip

  • 11 days and 10 nights aboard a motor yacht in this beautiful and well-protected World Heritage site
  • Travel to approximately 10 different islands
  • Landings each day to explore and learn about the islands under direction of our Ecuadorian naturalist
  • Snorkeling and kayaking opportunities
  • Photography opportunities galore – up close and personal

Hightlights of Recent Trips

  • Waved Albotross – first flight
  • Short-earred Owl - close-up
  • Feeding Darwin's Finches
  • Snorkeling with sea turtles, sea lions, penguines, cormorants, and counless beatiful fish
  • Exploring pristine beaches
  • Close-hand observation of marine and land iguanas
  • Seeing parental Care of newborn Blue-footed Booby Chick
  • Watching young sea lions at play
  • Observing giant tortoises
  • Visiting sites to observe volcanic (past) activity
  • Wandering the streets of Puerto Ayora
  • Relaxing on the top deck of Tip Top IV
  • Enjoying the wonderful food aboard
  • Reading and journaling in the comfortable lounge of Tip Top IV

Estimated Cost

  • Basic Galapagos Travel Fee (firm price) - $5,500
  • the Ecuadorian fuel tax of $360 is included in the base price of the trip
  • National Park Entry - $100
  • Migration fee - $10
  • Quito-Galapagos Airfare - $499
  • Cleveland-Quito airfare - $1,500

(These estimates are based on our December, 2011 costs.)


Possible Add-on's


  • Day trips out of Quito
  • 2-3 day trips in Ecuador

For more information and to obtain an application to join this exciting trip, contact Prudy Hall at or phone 330.569.5262


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