Making That Old Horn Sing Again
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Making That Old Horn Sing Again

Here are a few criteria:

  • We will gladly accept woodwind, brass, and stringed instruments including guitars, mandolins, banjos and harps.  
  • We would ask that the donor pay the shipping to Hiram College.  Pickup may be possible if you live in northeast Ohio and one of our instructors passes that way.
  • If we can use the instrument, your donation will allow a Hiram student to take private lessons and play in an ensemble including wind or jazz ensemble, chamber orchestra or pep band.
  • Donations that aren’t needed in our collection will be used as a trade-in to a local music store in exchange for new high quality instruments for our students.  The music store will repair the donated instruments and make them available for younger students.  Either way, your donation will be put to good use.

You may send instrument donations to Hiram College Music Department, 11715 Garfield Road, PO Box 67 Hiram, Ohio 44234. To alert the department that a gift is on the way, or for further information, contact Tina Dreisbach, music chair, at or 330-569-5303. 

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